I have been given a Swap Gift Card, how does it work?
The Swap Gift Cards are a range of physical gift cards that are swapped here for a participating merchants e-gift(s) Step 1. Visit the Swap website www.swapyourgiftcard.com.au enter your Swap card number and PIN located at the back of the card underneath the scratch panel. Step 2. Select your e-gift card/s of choice, from the list of participating merchants. Step 3. Once you've checked out and confirmed your order, you'll receive an email with your e-gift selections. Step 4. Now you can redeem your e-gift cards at the selected merchant/s, either instore or online
Where can the Swap Gift Cards be used?
The Swap Gift Cards can be swapped for a participating merchant/s egift card, the list of participating merchants for each Swap gift card are displayed on the front of the cards and can be viewed on the Swap gift card website www.swapyourgiftcard.com.au once you have entered your Swap gift card number and PIN, you will be able to view the available merchant egift(s) that you can swap your Swap Gift Card for. The Swap Gift Cards cannot be used to withdraw cash at ATM or EFTPOS facilities.
Can I spend my Swap Gift Card(s) directly at the merchant?
No, your Swap Card must be exchanged at www.swapyourgiftcard.com.au for an eGift Card(s) from any of the Merchants shown on your Swap Card.
Does my Swap Gift Card have an expiry date?
Yes, a Gift Card will expire 36 months (3 years) from the date of purchase. Once your Swap Gift Card has expired, it cannot be used or reactivated in any way.
How can I check the Swap Gift Card’s available balance?
You can check your Gift Card balance here, by selecting ‘Check Balance’ from this website’s navigation menu. You will then be prompted to enter the 19 digit Card number on the Gift Card as well as the 10 digit PIN found on the back of the card. The resulting search page will show the available balance remaining and expiry date, as well as the most recent transaction summary or please call 1800 443 484 to check your card balance, expiry and transaction history
Are there any fees for using the Swap Gift Card or checking the Gift Card balance or transaction history?
No, there are no fees associated with use of the Swap Gift Card or checking the Gift Card’s balance or transactions.
Where do I find the Pin for my Swap Card?
Your Pin can be found under the scratch off label below your card number on the back of your gift card packaging.
What do I do if my Swap Card isn’t working?
Complete the Contact Us form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.
How can I replace my Swap Gift Card if it is not working?
The only time the Card Issuer will replace a Gift Card is when: the Gift Card is valid (i.e. it has not expired); there is available balance remaining on the Gift Card; and the Cardholder is in possession of the physical Gift Card. Contact the Gift Card Provider through the Contact Us section of this website  and ensure you have the 19 digit number from the Gift Card as well as the 10-digit PIN found on the back of the Gift Card present as you will be required to provide this information.
How do I redeem more than one Swap Card?
If you have more than one Swap Card, you will need to complete the redemption process separately for each card. Multiple cards cannot be redeemed in a single transaction..
Do I have to spend the full value of my Swap Card?
No, you may spend all or a portion of your balance when you are redeeming your Swap Card(s). If you choose to leave a balance, you can revisit the site at any time to redeem the remaining balance. Make sure to hold onto your Swap Card so you can re-enter your card number and PIN when you’re ready to redeem the remainder of your balance.
Can I redeem my Swap Card for more than one Merchant’s eGift Card?
Yes, you can split the value of your Swap Cards across multiple Merchants.
What can I exchange my Swap Card for?
Your Swap Card can be exchanged for any available eGifts  from any of the merchants detailed on the homepage.
Why can’t I buy a Merchant eGift card for less than or more than the amounts shown?
The minimum and maximum value for each Merchant eGift card is set by the Merchant according to their program terms. You can buy multiple eGift cards for the same Merchant if you wish to buy more than a single card will allow.
Can I spend my electronic merchant gift card on the merchant's website?
This depends on the merchant’s policy. Before you order your electronic gift cards please check out the terms & conditions for each card. These are found by clicking on the Product T&Cs link within the product description or at checkout when you accept the Terms & Conditions before you submit your order. You can also visit the Merchant’s website for policy information.
How long will my electronic merchant gift cards take to arrive?
Your merchant electronic cards will usually be delivered to you within minutes of processing your order. However, delivery can take up to 1-2 business days.
What do I do if I haven’t yet received my eGifts?
Firstly, please check your spam/junk folders for eGifts. Otherwise, if your eGifts have not arrived within 48 hours, please contact us.
I entered an incorrect email delivery address during checkout – what do I do?
 If the email address provided was incorrect, please complete the Contact Us form - if your eGift has not already been redeemed by a third party, it can be resent to a new address.
I have lost my merchant eGift what do I do?
Merchant eGifts can be re-sent if you have lost or accidentally deleted them (providing they are still valid), but we cannot replace eGifts that have been redeemed by a third party if an incorrect email address was provided during checkout. Gift Cards should be treated as cash – we cannot replace any that are lost, stolen or damaged once you’ve received them.
Can I return my merchant eGift or swap it for cash?
We’re unable to process exchange/returns of any kind, either for an alternative or cash.
How long do I have to spend my merchant eGifts?
Validity periods may vary from product to product – before you order your merchant eGifts please check out each products T&C’s. These are either found directly within or accessible via a link within the product description.
Can Swap Cards be reloaded?
No, these gift cards cannot be reloaded.
Can Swap Cards be redeemed for cash?
No – they can only be redeemed for electronic merchant gift cards.
What happens if I lose the Swap Gift Card or it is stolen?
Lost, stolen, damaged or expired Gift Cards cannot be replaced or refunded. Please refer to the terms and conditions here.
How do I contact you?
Please complete the Contact Us form and we will be in touch within 1-2 business days.